ZHU Passes the “Risky Business” Torch to Mathame for an Otherworldly Remix – EDM.com

It’s not easy to pass ZHU on the brooding production front, but Mathame took that challenge on with ease, releasing an otherworldly remix of his recent hit single, “Risky Business.” The Italian brothers reimagined the track into something that soars above the dance floors while still keeping it grounded as a certified club hit. Alongside the remix comes a stunning visualizer that mirrors the mysterious imagery found in the video for ZHU’s original. 

Mathame takes “Risky Business” and elongates ZHU’s cut of the title, making it feel as if it’s the little voice in your head telling you to reconsider what you are about to do. That paired with the relentless beat and soaring synths create an unnerving soundscape that pairs perfectly with the original’s dance-noir styling. Both of the renditions are truly cinematic. 

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