ZAO Tells the Tale of Disappeared Settlers in New Song “Croatoan”

Zao is now streaming their new song “Croatoan” off their upcoming record The Crimson Corridor due out April 9. Honestly, I love the aggressive spaciness of this track between the floating instruments and the absolutely seething vocals.

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According to the band via Decibel, the track is inspired by a disappeared group of English settlers.

“In 1587 a group of 115 English colonists arrived at Roanoke Island off the coast of what is now North Carolina. The group was led by their governor John White who later sailed back to England to gather more supplies. White and his ship were subsequently caught up in a war with Spain for three years.

“Upon finally returning to the colonies, White discovered that every single person from the initial journey, including his wife and children, were gone without a trace. The only clue left behind was a wooden post with a single word carved into it: ‘Croatoan’. The whereabouts of the settlers are unsolved to this day.”

Pre-orders will begin tomorrow via Bandcamp, because it’s Bandcamp Friday and that’s the most logical thing to do.

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