Zack Snyder Says The Studio Had ‘Rules’ About What He Couldn’t Put In His Snyder Cut Of Justice League

And so they were like, ‘Please don’t do anything.’ Like, no Darkseid coda. That can’t be in there. Those are the kinds of things that were in there. But I looked and I was like, ‘Sure, okay, great. Do it.’ I mean, I didn’t mean to be subversive and rude. But that was the thing that fans wanted. The deal I had made with the world was that they were going to get the unencumbered Zack Snyder version of Justice League. I don’t think anybody in the same position I was would feel any… I wasn’t cheating. I wasn’t doing like, ‘Oh, you broke the rules! That’s uncool.’ But no, I think that, they’ve got like a whole bunch of movies. I have one.

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