YU-GI-OH! PHANTOM RAGE Is Out Now — GeekTyrant

Yu-Gi-Oh! has a new set in town called Phantom Rage, and fans are excited. The main thing that fans will notice is new Phantom Knights cards and strategies combining them with the Raidraptors which we are also getting new cards for.

There’s also the new Dual Avatar cards that are based on Fusion summoning, and I think they’re pretty cool. I know plenty of people have also been getting excited for the new Myutant archetype. The problem I’ve found is that a lot of the Myutants and Phantom Knights seem to be higher rarities, making it hard to really pull anything.

Out of eight Myutant monsters, I pulled a bunch of copies of Myutant GB-88, one Myutant Beast, and one Myutant Arsenal in my entire box that Konami sent me. Was I just unlucky? Maybe. Thankfully, it looks like none of these are super expensive yet, so if you wanted Myutants and don’t pull them, it shouldn’t be too bad. What are you most excited for in Phantom Rage?

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