Why Coming 2 America’s Arsenio Hall Was Initially Hesitant To Play Multiple Characters In The First Film

You know, Eddie’s the GOAT, and we know he’s famous for characters on Saturday Night Live. At first, there was no barbershop, it was just a fish out of water idea. Then Paramount and John Landis come and say, ‘We need you guys to do characters.’ And I said, ‘Well, I don’t do characters. Eddie will do characters.’ They wanted us to be some of the people we met in Queens. And Eddie said, ‘Yo, I was watching you do stand-up the other night at the Comedy Store.’ He said, ‘Sometimes when you talk, you go into people’s voice. If you say Tracy Morgan, you eventually go into Tracy Morgan.’ So he said, ‘Just come up with voices, some of those voices.’ He talked me into it. It kind of gave me confidence. I think the problem was I didn’t want to do characters next to Eddie Murphy because I knew how good he was at it, but it worked out great.

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