Who Was the Cast’s Favorite Boss?

The Office cast members Kate Flannery (Meredith), Oscar Nunez (Oscar) and Andy Buckley (David Wallace) reveal their characters’ favorite boss.

One of the things that kept The Office compelling start to finish was the diversity of new bosses that made their way in and out of Dunder Mifflin. From supervisors to owners to filling Michael Scott’s (Steve Carell) seat, the writers and producers of the show kept the cast on their toes with a revolving door of sorts that saw the likes of Will Ferrell, Kathy Bates, and James Spader try their hands at keeping the employees of Dunder Mifflin in line.

These bosses all had varying degrees of success corralling Dunder Mifflin, and their management styles swung wildly from DeAngelo Vickers’ (Ferrell) insanity to Jo Bennett’s (Bates) more no-nonsense approach.

So when I got the chance to interview some cast members from The Office in celebration of the series’ arrival on the streaming service Peacock, I had to ask them who they thought their characters’ favorite boss was. Kate Flannery was quick to note who Meredith liked the most, while Andy Buckley had an obvious yet fitting answer to David Wallace and Oscar Nunez had to think a bit before landing on a very sensible choice for Oscar. All three had different answers, and I can only imagine who folks like Jim, Kevin, and Angela would choose as their favorite supervisors. It’s a testament to the show’s quality of casting and writing that these bosses all filled very different yet memorable roles, but that’s yet another way this show felt so relatable to those who watched it.

You can see what they had to say in the video above, and look for my individual interviews on Collider soon. The Office is now streaming exclusively on Peacock.

Image via NBC

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