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Daniella Karagach is one of the new ‘DWTS’ pros of season 29. She’s paired up with Nelly, and they are a ‘DWTS’ duo to keep your eye on. So, who is Daniella Karagach? Here’s what you should know.

Dancing With the Stars season 29 features so many new faces, and we’re not just talking about the celebrities. There have been two new pros added to the mix for season 29: Daniella Karagach, 28, and Britt Stewart, 31. Both of these ladies are bringing their A-game to the ballroom. Daniella is no stranger to the dance world. She’s appeared on another notable dance competition series and even has a connection to judge Derek Hough, 35! HollywoodLife has rounded up 5 key things to know about Daniella.

1. This is Daniella’s first year as a full-time pro. She initially joined Dancing With the Stars in season 28 as a troupe member alongside Keo Motsepe, 30. She was bumped up to full-time pro for season 29 and is dancing with Nelly, 45.

Daniella Karagach Nelly
Daniella Karagach and Nelly in the season 29 premiere of ‘Dancing With the Stars.’ (ABC)

2. She’s married to a fellow DWTS pro. Daniella is married to DWTS pro Pasha Pashkov, who is paired with Carole Baskin. Daniella and Pasha have been married since 2014.

3. Daniella toured with Derek Hough! Daniella initially appeared in Derek’s “Natural” music video. After working together, Derek asked Daniella to join him on his Derek Hough Live! tour.

Daniella Karagach
Daniella Karagach has been dancing since she was 6 years old. (ABC)

4. Daniella and Pasha were on World of DanceThey tried out as a duo in season 2 and advanced out of the Qualifiers round. Unfortunately, Daniella and Pasha were eliminated in the Duels.

5. She has ADHD. Daniella couldn’t focus in school so her mom took her to the doctor and she was diagnosed with ADHD, Daniella told Brooklyn Reporter. “I was always moving and they prescribed medication but my mother said, ‘At six years old, my daughter will not take medication,’” Daniella said. “She put me into ballroom dancing and I’ve been in love with it ever since. I started focusing better. I did better in school. It just helped me overall in life.”

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