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Dallas Lovato was one of many people close to Demi who spoke out about her near-death 2018 overdose in new documentary ‘Dancing With The Devil.’ Learn more about her here.

Dallas Lovato appeared alongside her younger sister Demi Lovato, 28, and other family members in the raw new documentary Dancing With The Devil. The Michael D. Ratner directed project delves into Demi’s near-death 2018 overdose as friends and family share their unique perspective’s on the terrifying incident. Dallas, 33, recalled wondering if Demi was “still alive” and “okay” after receiving a phone call that the Disney alum had been rushed to hospital.

“It was my mom, me and [little sister] Madison [De La Garza] upstairs in my mom’s room,” Dallas recalled. The Camp Rock actress was found by her assistant Jordan Jackson unresponsive in her home. Prior to the overdose, Demi revealed she had been using a myriad of hard drugs — including meth, heroin, MDMA and crack cocaine. “My doctors said that I had five to 10 more minutes,” Demi said in an emotional part of the four-part documentary series, experiencing “three strokes and a heart attack.”

Dallas Lovato
Demi Lovato’s sister Dallas is featured in the new documentary series ‘Dancing With The Devil.’ (SplashNews)

Dallas also reflected on Demi’s mental health struggles that have played a role in her younger sister’s battle with addiction. “There’s so many people that depend on you — and that you know that you’re supporting these people’s families and their next break,” the 33-year-old said. “It was hammered into her head. ‘You have to be sober. You have to be this icon — this role model,’ — that my sister never claimed to want to be in the first place,” she added. Learn more about Dallas Lovato here.

Dallas and Demi share the same dad

Dallas and Demi are full siblings, and are both the daughters of Dianna De La Garza (née Lee Smith) and the late Patrick Lovato. Patrick and Dianna married after a whirlwind romance in 1984, but shortly after, their relationship became fueled by drug addiction. In 1994, Diana divorced Patrick after admitting she didn’t “feel safe” over domestic abuse.

“I thought I could change him, and I think victims of domestic abuse often feel the same way,” Dianna wrote in her 2015 memoir Falling with Wings: A Mother’s Story. “You’re not always going to be able to change someone, no matter how much you want to. There may come a point where your love for that person may not be enough to keep you safe…I would ask them questions like, ‘Am I doing the right thing by splitting up my family?’” she also penned. Dianna turned to a women’s shelter for support, later re-marrying Eddie De La Garza in 1995. The pair are parents to Dallas and Demi’s younger half sister Madison De La Garza, 19, who starred on Desperate Housewives as a kid.

Patrick sadly succumbed to his addictions, passing away at just 53 years old in 2013. “Rest in peace daddy I love you…” Dallas tweeted at the time.

She’s an actress

Just like her little sister, Dallas is also an actress. The 33-year-old has several credits to her names, including one alongside her little sister: Dallas appeared as a dancer in an episode of Sonny with a Chance. She also has a credit in Selena Gomez‘s Wizards of Waverly Place back in 2008, in addition to 2016’s Caged No More with Kevin Sorbo and younger sis Madison. On the reality side, Dallas appeared on Lifetime’s Dance Moms with Abby Lee Miller.

She’s named for the Dallas Cowboys

Dallas was born on February 4, 1988 in Dallas, Texas. She was named specifically for NFL team the Dallas Cowboys as her mom Dianna was formerly a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader during the 1982-1983 season (in addition to being a lifelong fan).

She’s an acting coach

Dallas has kept the acting bug going throughout her life! In addition to appearing in films, TV shows and doing voice work, the Texas native is also a professional acting coach. “Dallas Lovato is an acting coach in film, television, and voiceover, casting director and public speaker from Los Angeles, California. A Texas native, and having been in and around the entertainment industry her entire life, she knows what it takes to have a successful career,” a bio on her Facebook page reads. The 33-year-old focuses on working with child actors. In addition to her own business, se is also the director of artist development at Burbank’s School of Rock and a public speaker.

She dated Chord Overstreet

The Aquarius hasn’t posted about a recent relationship, but she’s been linked to several well-known men in the past — including Chord Overstreet, 32. The pair dated for a few months back in 2010 before calling it quits after a seven month romance. She also dated Demi’s guitarist Mike Manning from 2011 – 2012 and actor Robert Livingston from 2012 – 2014.

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