What Was Your Favorite Funeral Doom Album of 2020?

Greetings, friends! My apologies for missing you last week. My post-Thanksgiving food coma kept me in stasis much longer than I expected.

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The frenzy of year-end lists is already upon us. However instead of listing my favorite albums for you (funeral doom or otherwise), I want to hear from you!

Below you will find a thorough list of funeral doom albums released this year. The list isn’t exhaustive by any means, so feel free to leave a comment. I do my best to read and respond to all comments.

By virtue of its name alone, funeral doom metal is inherently sad music. And we love music because often it gives expression to things we cannot express ourselves. For many, the holiday season is more stressful than enjoyable. For some it’s outright depressing. To that end, which of these albums was your favorite this year? Which one moved you the most? And why?

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