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What The Moneyball Cast Is Doing Now, Including Brad Pitt

Glenn Morshower (Ron Hopkins)

Playing the part of Ron Hopkins, an old-school scout, Glenn Morshower has a notable supporting role in Moneyball. Most notably, the actor is known for his role in 24. He also appears in four Transformers movies, including the most recent installment in the franchise, Transformers: The Last Knight. Currently, Morshower plays a recurring role in Fox’s The Resident. Additionally, the actor has over 200 credits in film and television, including Bloodline, Supergirl, Dallas, X-Men: First Class, Friday Night Lights, Good Night and Good Luck, The Island, Black Hawk Down, Pearl Harbor, Godzilla (1998), Air Force One, Star Trek: Generations, Tango & Cash, The West Wing, and Alias.

Most recently, Glenn Morshower played a supporting role in January’s The Little Things. He also starred in February’s Scream Test. Morshower’s other recent film credits include A Dark Foe and The Runners. Next, the actor appears in Under the Stadium Lights, Delicate State, Viridian, Quiet In My Town, Black Wood, and the short film, Amen.

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