Watch This Rick and Morty PS5 Commercial for Some Wild Swear Words

Could Pickle Rick even hold a controller?


If it’s a Rick and Morty commercial, you know a couple things are gonna be true about it. It’s gonna be very, very aware of its existence as a commercial, explicitly talking about how they’re selling out and getting money for it. And it’s gonna feature something grotesque that no other commercial would ever be able to get away with. And well, this new Rick and Morty PlayStation 5 commercial has all of these components to a T, with Rick (Justin Roiland) literally counting money in the shot and ending the whole thing with a vulgar command that is simply unprintable. Wouldn’t it be great to have this kind of apathetic power in your life? To be able to do this “cool, non-committed” schtick with full corporate backing with no consequences? Anyway, if you’re into this kinda thing, you’ll probably find it funny!

The comedic engine of this commercial is simple. Morty (Roiland as well) talks straight to camera about the greatness of the PS5, including its lightning-speed loading times and delightfully immersive controller, while Rick keeps reminding him to be more explicit and not stand in front of the product, while, again, literally counting money. When they’ve hit their contractually obligated 30 second mark, Rick brings the commercial to a grinding halt, and swears aggressively at the camera, telling us implicitly how dumb we are for daring to give them money to shill out a product. Again, if this sounds like a funny piece of subversive corporate meta-satire to you, you’ll probably enjoy it! For me? I think I’d like them to try a little harder next time. At least the Pringles spot has fun animation!

Check out the full Rick and Morty PS5 ad below. And if you’re lucky enough to have grabbed one of these beefy consoles, here’s a game you should absolutely play for it.

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