Watch The Trailer for Sound Of Metal

I just watched the trailer for Sound of Metal, and I’m ready to see this movie right now. The film stars Riz Ahmed (Rogue OneVenom) who plays a metal drummer in a band with his girlfriend, played by  Olivia Cooke (Ready Player OneThoroughbreds). Riz’s character slowly loses his hearing.

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The film is getting great reviews, and just by the trailer, it looks very authentic and like it has a bit of heart. This one seems like a tear-jerker. It seems that writer/director Darius Marder takes authenticity very seriously, as the fictional band in the film, Blackgammon, can be seen gracing the cover of Decibel magazine. MetalSucks spotted this neat detail in the trailer:

Sound of Metal comes out in select theaters on November 20 before it hits Amazon Prime Video on December 4.

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