WandaVision Heart Easter Egg and Calendar Scene Explained by Director

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[Editor’s note: Spoilers for the first season of WandaVision follow below.]

Marvel Studios’ first TV series WandaVision was chock full of references to other Marvel Cinematic Universe events, exciting action sequences, and hilarious classic sitcom homages. But at heart, WandaVision was a show about grief. Set in the aftermath of Avengers: Endgame, the series found Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) somehow manifesting a perfect life of domesticity in a New Jersey suburb with her husband Vision (Paul Bettany). Except Vision was dead.

Throughout the nine episodes, the series – and Wanda’s reality – kept shifting to different eras of classic family sitcoms, and through it all Wanda was working through her grief largely by ignoring it or pushing it deep, deep down. By the show’s end, Wanda was forced to let go of Vision (and their two imaginary sons) for good, and the series ended with a deep sense of loss but also love. As the now iconic line goes, “what is grief if not love persevering?”

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That theme was prevalent throughout all nine episodes whether you knew it or not, as director Matt Shakman revealed recently that there’s a very specific WandaVision Easter Egg hidden throughout the series: hearts.

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You may or may not remember that in the show’s first episode, a calendar in Wanda’s home has a date circled with a heart. There’s something odd about it, something that keeps throwing Wanda off, and we never quite get the real resolution to that question until the very end of the series. Indeed, in the penultimate episode, we learn that Vision had bought a deed for a piece of land in Westview where he planned to live with Wanda, with a heart circling the deed. Shakman tells Marvel.com that heart shows up throughout the series:

Calling the hearts “the big one” in terms of hidden references, Shakman explained that “this show is about love. It is also about loss, and it’s about both of those [things],” he continued. “It’s about the dance between love and loss. So the heart on the calendar is the heart on the deed. We brought it back in the intro to Episode 7.”

So when you go back to watch WandaVision from the beginning, be on the lookout for hidden hearts everywhere. And, duh, have tissues at the ready.

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