WandaVision Episode 9: Clues, Predictions & Takeaways

WandaVision Episode 9: Clues, Takeaways & Predictions

WandaVision Episode 9: Clues, Takeaways & Predictions

The wait is finally over and the arrival of the finale for Disney+’s first Marvel Cinematic Universe series WandaVision is here and with it comes a number of answers to questions fans have been asking since its debut and now it’s time to dive into the madness of what came in this week’s episode and what comes next.

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Clues: Wanda’s a Quick Learner, Agatha Knows What’s Coming and We’ll Say Hello Again

  • Picking up from the last episode’s final confrontation, Wanda and Agatha face off and after hitting her with a burst of power, Wanda’s hand begins to deteriorate as Agatha absorbs her power and lifeforce, revealing she takes power from the undeserving.
  • In retaliation, Wanda hits Agatha with a car and sends her into a nearby house, leaving only her boots sticking out from underneath in a clever little nod to The Wizard of Oz, which also saw a battle of sorts between conflicting witches.
  • With Agatha seemingly gone, S.W.O.R.D. Director Tyler Hayward’s rebooted Vision shows up and attempts to kill Wanda, only for her Vision to show up and stop him while Wanda takes off after Agatha as she flies towards downtown.
  • Unfortunately, the duo miss the calls from Monica in a nearby house, who is being held captive by Evan Peters’ Pietro. In looking around the room, Monica is able to find some bills pointing to the real owner of the house and an acting headshot for Ralph Bohner, the face of the fake Pietro. After pinning him to the ground, Monica finds an enchanted necklace around his neck glowing purple that has seemingly been giving him his powers and removes it, breaking Agatha’s mind control over him.
  • Hayward and the rest of his S.W.O.R.D. team watch the two Visions fight on their monitor with the vibranium tracking while Jimmy shows up in handcuffs, though after turning down Hayward’s offer to join him in his mission is able to pick his cuffs using his magic skills and acquire a cell phone to call in his FBI cavalry.
  • Back in downtown, Agatha discusses there’s an entire chapter centered on the Scarlet Witch in the Darkhold, also known as The Book of Sins or The Book of the Damned, in which it says she is not born but is forged and needs no covens or incantations and is more powerful than the Sorcerer Supreme, but whose destiny is to destroy the world.
  • To distract her and push her to her breaking point, Agatha breaks Wanda’s connection to all the townsfolk, who begins turning on Wanda, including Dottie, who reveals her real name to be Sarah and mentions an eight-year-old daughter who is locked in her room by Wanda. Becoming overwhelmed, Wanda begins strangling everyone to death but quickly stops and decides to open up the Hex so people can escape, though in doing so some of S.W.O.R.D. are able to break in and Vision and the twins begin to die. She stops the Hex dropping in time to save the trio.
  • The four are then surrounded by S.W.O.R.D., though after Agatha initially tries to take them out Wanda saves them and takes off to fight her while the twins use their powers to disarm the agents, only for Hayward to suddenly appear and attempt to shoot the children himself. Monica arrives just in time and uses her new powers to absorb the gunfire while Billy uses his powers to stop one bullet from hitting him. As Hayward attempts to escape, Darcy finally arrives in her stolen ice cream truck and t-bones his truck, keeping him trapped until the situation is resolved.
  • The two Visions continue to fight, landing in the nearby library though Wanda’s Vision is able to talk the other down briefly utilizing the Ship of Theseus paradox to help them both realize neither are the true Vision yet both are at the same time. Vision is able to restore the other’s memories and some semblance of the original Vision, who then takes off to the sky while Wanda’s love returns to the street to be with the twins and attempts to help in the fight against Agatha.
  • Wanda attempts to use her mind powers to trap Agatha in her painful memory of killing her coven, though the Witches begin to turn on Wanda and calling her the Scarlet Witch and trying to pin her to the cross they tried to pin Agatha to. Agatha offers to let Wanda trade her powers in exchange for keeping Westview, Vision and the twins, but as the Scarlet Witch crown manifests on her head she breaks free of the memory and continues fighting Agatha.
  • The two take their fight to the skies and Wanda continues hitting Agatha with blasts of her powers as well as the walls of the Hex, only for more of her powers to be absorbed and nearly kill Wanda. But as Agatha prepares to go back on her deal, Wanda magically revives and reveals she was placing runes on the walls, preventing Agatha from using her powers and allowing Wanda to absorb hers, fully becoming the Scarlet Witch.
  • Coming back to Earth, Agatha warns that Wanda has unleashed something but choosing to ignore her warnings she elects to imprison her in Westview as Agnes and stating she knows where she can find Agatha if she does in fact need her help.
  • Wanda, Vision and the twins head back to their house as she slowly brings down the Hex, turning everything back to normal. After tucking in the twins and thanking them choosing her as their mother and sharing a tearful goodbye with Vision while they also theorize they may be able to see each other again in the future as the Hex hits the house and it and them disintegrate, leaving Wanda alone in the empty lot.
  • Wanda heads back into town and talks to Monica, who assures her there’s no negative feelings from her over Wanda’s action and wishing her luck as she flies away from authorities in her Scarlet Witch gear.
  • While Jimmy handles cleanup and debriefs of the town and Hayward is arrested, Monica heads into the nearby theater as an agent states a friend of her mom’s wants to meet her, revealing herself to be a Skrull and stating an old friend of her mom’s wants to meet her and that he’s located up in space.
  • In the final post-credits scene, Wanda is seen living in a cabin in the woods and is using her astral form to study the Darkhold while also hearing the twins’ cry for help.

Takeaways: Agatha’s Left Prisoner, There’s a New Vision in Town and Something’s Been Let Loose

Well the series finale certainly held a number of moving moments and interesting answers, there were a few key takeaways to take from the episode. First and foremost is that Agatha not only reintroduced the mystical Darkhold into the MCU, but she also has been put into a unique prisoner position that keeps the door wide open for her to return for more, namely Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Another, which was easy to forget after that tear-jerker goodbye between her version of the hero and Wanda, is that there’s a new form of Vision somewhere out there in the world with all of the memories of the original but without the Mind Stone or a clear purpose, leaving his future unknown. Another can be found in Monica’s meeting with a Skrull and the tease of her meeting Nick Fury up in space, while the final post-credits scene might hold the most important in that Wanda is not only studying the Darkhold, but still has a temporal connection with her children and seems to be gearing up for the arrival of whatever Agatha said has broken loose.

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Predictions: Mephisto or Chthon Are On Their Way, Monica & Captain Marvel Will Reconcile and Doctor Strange’s Got a Migraine

  • So, much to the disappointment of myself and plenty of viewers, the highly-anticipated arrival of Mephisto did not come in this show, but the finale still did leave the door open for him or the elder god Chthon to appear. Given last episode’s revelation of chaos magic and this episode’s re-introduction of the Darkhold into the MCU, signs are slowly beginning to point towards the latter villain to appear, given he was the principal author of the evil grimoire and infused Wanda with some of his powers to leave a path for him to come back in the future. With Wanda taking refuge at a cabin at the base of a mountain, it also seems to tease closer to Chthon given his comic book base of operations was in Wundagore Mountain, which looks very similar to the one seen in the finale.
  • While Monica heading to space to meet Nick Fury can be seen as a potential introduction of her to a new form of the Avengers, a more likely and interesting path would be to see the former S.H.I.E.L.D. director attempting to facilitate a reunion between the burgeoning hero and Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel. With Monica expressing minor distaste for the hero throughout the series and set to carry over into Captain Marvel 2, it seems highly likely that fury will try to help ease any kind of tension between the two, even if it simply takes putting them in the same space station room to talk.
  • Whether it’s Mephisto, Chthon or Wanda herself, the series’ conclusion has certainly paved the path for a migraine-inducing problem for Doctor Strange to solve in his long-awaited sequel.

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