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USA’s The Sinner Returns for Rocky Fourth Season | TV/Streaming

The newest inhabitant of that island is Detective Harry Ambrose (Bill Pullman), one of my favorite modern detectives. Pullman imbues Ambrose with just the right balance of weariness that comes with investigating brutal crime and the intellect and passion to continue doing so. You can sense the concern behind Harry’s eyes that if he doesn’t solve the crime no one will—which is a theme amplified this year—and so there’s a commitment to getting the job done for the sake of justice, even if it kills him.

And it almost did last year. Season three’s mystery got closer to Harry than any other, even leading to him being buried alive before killing a sociopath. Understandably, he’s retired, and he carries traumatic images from that season to a remote island off the coast of New England with his girlfriend (Jessica Hecht, returning from last year). On one of his first days, he runs into a young woman named Percy Muldoon (Alice Kremelberg), who is the member of an affluent fishing business family on the island. That night, he sees Percy in a state of distress and follows her to the edge of a cliff. She jumps. Or does she? Whether or not Percy is missing or dead drives the mystery of the first few episodes as Harry helps the local police chief try to unpack what happened to Percy.

The first three seasons were driven by a bit of star power as Jessica Biel, Carrie Coon, and Matt Bomer drove the action of them, respectively. (Pullman was the only holdover from season to season—now joined by Hecht, although she seems to have a smaller role than last year.) This year ditches a bit of that star power, although there are great character actors spread across the island including Frances Fisher, Michael Mosley, and Neal Huff—all playing members of the mysterious Muldoon clan. They’re all good, but it again feels like a bit of a shift in structure. If Kremelberg is meant to be this year’s star, she’s a cipher to start the season, and other Muldoons feel a bit undefined as well.

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