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Upcoming Amanda Seyfried Movies And TV: What’s Ahead For The Mean Girls Star

A Mouthful of Air – 2021/TBA (Post-Production)

Moving into another different type of genre, we take a look at A Mouthful of Air. In this film, based on Amy Koppelman’s book of the same name (who is directing this feature film), they examine the link between the creative process and mental illness.

Amanda Seyfriend, according to Deadline, will star as Julie, a mom and a children’s book author who uses her own creations that she writes to escape from her own world of depression, which was caused by giving birth to her child – otherwise known as postpartum depression.

Joining Amanda Seyfried in A Mouthful of Air are some big-time stars behind her, according to Deadline. Finn Wittrock, who is well known for his work in horror/thriller shows such as American Horror Story and Ratched will be starring alongside her as her husband. Amy Irving will star as her mother in the film, and Jennifer Carpenter, known for her role in Dexter, will be signing on as Julie’s sister-in-law.

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