Unaired John Mulaney Seth Meyers Interview Is a Delightful Distraction

It’s Election Day – and an extremely stressful one at that – so you may or may not be looking for distractions. To which I say, here’s a delightfully lowkey 15-minute interview between John Mulaney and Seth Meyers on Late Night with Seth Meyers that will absolutely distract you from any anxieties you may be having at the moment.

Mulaney was a guest on Late Night last night, and since he and Meyers are genuinely close friends in real life, their interview ran long. Like, way long. And it also got very weird. To the point that after the interview you see below ended, executive producer Mike Shoemaker came up to Mulaney and said, “We can’t air any of that.”

Luckily the internet exists, and as such you can watch the entire thing below. Mulaney begins by asking Seth some “hard-hitting” questions like “Do you think about your own funeral?” and “Do you think you’re attractive?” The best part is Meyers takes these questions and runs with them, and the two have a genuinely fun (and funny) dialogue full of SNL anecdotes and incredibly strange asides.

At the very least, it’ll help you not think about anything else for 15 minutes. And for that we can be very thankful. Check out the interview below, and to see all of Mulaney’s best SNL sketches from the episode he hosted this weekend, click here.


Image via Netflix

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