Trailer For New Zealand’s Dark Comedy Crime Caper Film LOW DOWN DIRTY CRIMINALS — GeekTyrant

I’ve got a fun trailer here for a new dark comedy film from New Zealand titled Lowdown Dirty Criminals. There’s something about the humor in New Zealand films that I enjoy watching. The attitude and tone and humor incorporated into the films just make me laugh and this one looks like a ridiculous and silly good time.

Lowdown Dirty Criminals tells the story of two friends “who decide to work for an underworld character after a fiasco delivering pizza. They botch up the first job delivering a birthday cake to their boss and go on to botch up a hit job etc. the movie has many similarities to Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. After getting tangled up with a scary lady criminal known as the Upholsterer the plot has a messy climax. The two likable hapless crimes walk away from the dark world of crime, learning their lesson and restarting their lives.”

The movie was directed by Paul Murphy (Second Hand Wedding and Love Birds) and it stars James RollestonSamuel AustinScott WillsMin KimCohen HollowayRobbie Magasiva, and Rebecca Gibney as “uber gangster The Upholsterer”.

Dark Sky Films will release Lowdown Dirty Criminals in select theaters and on VOD in the US late in 2020. Watch the trailer and let us know if it looks like a film you’d enjoy watching.

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