Tomorrowland Releases Tickets and Packages for NYE Virtual Festival, Shares Stage Preview –

Since we’ll most likely be confined to our homes this New Year’s Eve thanks to the wrath of COVID-19, Tomorrowland recently announced its first-ever virtual NYE festival. After all, staying at home on New Year’s Eve isn’t the worst thing, right? You can clang pots and pans, spend quality time with family and friends, and party in your pajamas. Not to mention all the money you’ll save on a one-time outfit and overpriced kamikaze shots.

Tomorrowland organizers have shared a glimpse into the festival and given fans a taste of what they can expect at the highly anticipated follow-up to their virtual debut, Tomorrowland Around The World. They posted a picture of Planaxis, one of the four stages they designed to flesh out the digital festival grounds, a “new and dazzling world of entertainment” they dubbed “NAOZ.”

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