Thunder Force Trailer Reveals Melissa McCarthy, Octavia Spencer in Action

Saving the world through the power of friendship!


Netflix has officially dropped the trailer for one of its anticipated 2021 releases, Thunder Force. The trailer premiered on The Ellen Show‘s EllenTube channel in tandem with an interview featuring the film’s two leads, Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer, and gives us our first look at the kind of hilarious chemistry we can expect when these acting powerhouses team up together.

Immediately, there’s no question that this unconventional superhero movie is going to poke fun at some of the most famous installments in the genre. From the opening snippet that calls back to Seal’s “Kiss From a Rose” (which memorably featured in Batman Forever) to a training montage set to AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck” (Iron Man 2, anyone?), it’s clear that this is going to be a comedy for those of us who have always wanted to see everyday women tackle some of the most famous superhero sequences head-on. Clearly, Lydia and Emily are going to have a lot on their plates, between suddenly gaining super strength and invisibility and the threat of a new baddie in town known as “The King.”

Octavia Spencer superhero drawing in Netflix's Thunder Force
Image via Netflix

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Directed and written by Ben Falcone (The BossLife of the Party), the film stars McCarthy and Spencer as its superpowered leads, as well as Jason BatemanBobby CannavalePom KlementieffMelissa LeoTyrel Jackson Williams, and Falcone himself in an undisclosed role. The movie is also a joint production between longtime professional collaborators Falcone and McCarthy, who have teamed up on several other projects including Tammy and Superintelligence, as well as producer Marc Platt.

Currently, Thunder Force is slated for a 2021 release on Netflix, although no date has been confirmed yet. Check out the trailer below:

Here is the official synopsis for Thunder Force:

In a world terrorized by super-villains, one woman has developed the process to give superpowers to regular people. But when scientist Emily Stanton accidentally imbues her estranged best-friend with incredible abilities, the two women must become the first superhero team. Now, it is up to Thunder Force to battle the super-powered Miscreants and save Chicago from the clutches of The King.

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