This Cool Life-Size Deadpool Sculpture Was Made Out of Recycled Metal Parts — GeekTyrant

MetalArtProductions is the creator of this awesome life-size Deadpool sculpture that was created out of recycled metal. The whole thing is crafted by hand and it’s pretty impressive work! This is one of many cool geek culture characters that MetalArtProductions has created, and it’s not cheap! If you want this thing, it’ll cost you $10,131.81.

How it’s Made: Each unique piece is hand crafted and welded together by one of our artists using only recycled metal parts. Each piece we make has undergone hours of designing and meticulous planning. Once a design is ready to be made the welding process can begin. This can take anywhere from hours – months depending on the size, scale and detail of the piece. When finished they are rigorously cleaned. Once all the excess dirt and unwanted welding joints are removed and smoothed, they are painted. The paint helps protect them from rust and keeps them looking and feeling like new. Our sculptures can be displayed inside or out and will always make for a fantastic gift idea.

Check out the photos below to see all of the details on the sculpture.

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