The Undone Wonder Woman 84 Women’s Watch Is a Beautiful Collector’s Item for Any Fan — GeekTyrant

By the end of this week, we will have the chance to finally watch Wonder Woman 1984, and to commemorate the occasion, Undone has come out with a new Wonder Woman 84 watch for fans to purchase. Undone sent me my own watch to review, and I am so happy with the one I got. I went back and forth between getting a red or blue, but settled on the Wonder Woman red.

The watch came with an interchangeable band that makes it possible to wear it traditionally, as well as with a wrap-around band. Unfortunately, the wrap-around band that was included with my watch was too small. I have never had this issue before, so I would definitely look into the available wrap sizes before purchasing a watch for myself. But the traditional band works perfectly, and the watch is beautiful and has intricate details that I enjoy.

Check out the photos below, and get your own limited edition collectors watch today on the Undone website for $299.

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