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Mark Gordon Pictures has picked up the rights to Norman Mailer’s 1991 spy novel Harlot’s Ghost and they are developing it as a TV series.

The riveting story centers on Harry Hubbard, “the son and godson of CIA legends. His journey to learn the secrets of his society—and his own past—takes him through the Bay of Pigs, the Cuban Missile Crisis, and the “momentous catastrophe” of the Kennedy assassination. All the while, Hubbard is haunted by women who were loved by both his godfather and President Kennedy. Featuring a tapestry of unforgettable characters both real and imagined.”

After its original publication, director Francis Ford Coppola optioned the novel as a movie but he ended up never really doing anything with it.

The series is being produced by Mark Gordon and Bonnie-Chance Roberts, and Roberts said in a statement:

“Mailer is the godfather of creative non-fiction and ‘Harlot’s Ghost’ is a phenomenal labyrinth, crafted from our recent political history, that travels far beyond its initial intrigue. But what is really exceptional, is the unsensational humanity of the characters, both real and imagined, that populate our story: the normal men and women whose rivalries, ambitions, sexual desires and everyday decisions have seismic consequences on our world. It’s terrifying, utterly spellbinding, and we cannot wait to bring it to the screen.”

This sounds like it could be a great and interesting series for anyone who is a fan of spy thrillers!

Source: Variety

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