The SpaceX Crew Took Baby Yoda With Them on Their Latest Trip To Space — GeekTyrant

Last weekend SpaceX launched into outer space on its historic Crew-1 commercial flight and they brought a little guest along for the ride in the Dragon capsule… Baby Yoda.

The Baby Yoda plush actually did have a role during the flight and was acting at the “zero-gravity indicator,” which is an object that is brought on board to determine when a microgravity environment has been reached.

NASA astronauts Shannon Walker, Victor Glover, Michael Hopkins and Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) astronaut Soichi Noguchi brought a companion on their flight to the International Space Station, Baby Yoda!

The SpaceX crew has docked on the ISS and they will live and work aboard the space station for approximately 6 months. I’m sure Baby Yoda will be taking lots of photo ops during this time.

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