The Shining Ending Explained: The Fate Of Jack Torrance In The Classic Horror Movie

Wendy searches for her son in the hotel, but instead of finding him she is treated to nothing but horrors presented by the history of the haunted hotel. Instead of being inside, the young boy is out in the hedge maze being pursued by his father. Realizing that he is leaving footprints in the snow, Danny carefully maneuvers backwards over his own tracks, and is able to throw Jack off his trail.

Getting out of the hedge maze, Danny reunites with Wendy, and together they get into Dick’s snowcat and escape. Jack, however, gets turned around and lost, and eventually gives up, slumping to the ground. By the next morning he freezes to death.

Back in the hotel, a long tracking shot leads out of the infamous The Gold Room to a gallery of photographs on the wall – the camera eventually focusing on a shot from the July 4th Ball in 1921. As we get closer and closer, we see that the man in front of the massive crowd is none other than Jack Torrance.

So what exactly happened to Jack Torrance? What does that photograph mean? That’s what we’ll dig into next!

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