The President Trump’s impeachment.

After a vote by politicians, the US President has been impeached.

The United States Congress has power to put certain senior American officials like the president on trial.

The American Constitution states the president can be impeached and removed from office for a number of offences such as bribery, treason or other high crimes and misdemeanours”.

The process of impeachment starts by the House of Representatives, which is one half of the US Congress

More than half of politicians in the House of Representatives have to vote for impeachment for it to happen and if that vote passes a trial is held in the Senate – the second half of Congress.

This is a bit like a courtroom, where other senior senators act like a jury to make the final decision whether or not a president is guilty and should be sacked from the office.

In this trial, two-thirds of senators must vote in favour of impeaching the president Trump in order to remove him from the presidency.

Bill Clinton was the last US president to be impeached with the vote of the House of Representatives in favour of the process in 1998 but it was stopped by the Senate and Clinton could finish his presidency period.

The same also happened Andrew Johnson in 1868 to, but he was not convicted by the Senate too.

The one who probably came closest was Richard Nixon.

But he quit as President of the United States in 1974 before impeachment proceedings could begin, and would have most likely removed him from office.

So the impeachment does mean that a president will be removed from the job, but it is the start of process to remove a president from the office and with what we observed yesterday from Mr.Trump there is high possibility of impeachment but as its duration will be finished automatically on Janauray 20th then may this process never starts.

Now that Mr Trump has been impeached, if he’s found guilty at his trial in the Senate and removed from power, the vice-president Mike Pence would take the oath of office and become the next US president.



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