THE NEXT GENERATION Video Imagines a Sitcom About Lt. Commander Data — GeekTyrant

Here’s a great Star Trek: The Next Generation fan video created by Thomas Price of TrainDozer. It amusingly imagines what a Star Trek sitcom might be like that focuses on Lt. Commander Data’s antics on the Enterprise.

Price remixed and recontextualized both stock and blooper footage from Star Trek: The Next Generation to make an entire show for fans to enjoy.

The episode features almost entirely edited audio including laugh tracks, music, and a new line of dialogue recorded by voice actor Aplasticbag from as Jean-Luc Picard. Apart from the audio, the title sequence has been altered to include Gates McFadden and various clips from the actual show to make it more Data-centric and representative of him as a character

This was actually pretty entertaining so I hope you enjoy it!

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