The Mandalorian Episode 2×02 Synopsis Teases Mysterious New Character

The Mandalorian finally kicked off its second season last week, so now we get to look forward to a new episode every week through December. The synopsis for this Friday’s second installment has now arrived, which offers a brief tease about what we can expect. As always, the synopsis isn’t particularly lengthy but what it does tell us is to expect Pedro Pascal’s Din Djarin coming into contact with a mysterious new character.

The synopsis to episode 2×02 “Chapter 10: The Confrontation” reads: “The Mandalorian must ferry a passenger with precious cargo on a risky journey.” We don’t know exactly who this unnamed passenger is or what precious cargo they are harboring, but the first trailer for season 2 may have given us a big clue. Could the passenger in question be the character played by Sasha Banks?

In the first trailer, one featured clip showed Mando on an old-fashioned sea vessel upon which he spotted a mysterious cloaked woman played by Banks. The voiceover to the scene heavily hinted that Banks is playing a Jedi. This contributed to some people believing she was portraying Ahsoka Tano, but we know that’s not right as Rosario Dawsom will turn up as the Togruta heroine elsewhere in the season.

When Mando spots her in the trailer, Banks mystically disappears, which may actually hint that she is someone who’s not supposed to be there, someone who wants the precious cargo for herself and not the passenger traveling with it. Either way, it seems likely that she will develop a bit of rivalry with Mando, at least initially, as he’s not a big fan of Jedi, given the long history of antagonism between the Order and his people.

We’ll find out the truth when The Mandalorian airs its second episode this Friday, November 6th on Disney Plus.

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