The Mandalorian Concept Art Reveals Din Djarin’s Original Design

The Mandalorian is back and fans are already going nuts for the second season premiere that just dropped on Disney+. It’s a barnstorming return and a rare highlight in 2020’s dreary entertainment landscape. The wild success and popularity is good stuff for a show that at first seemed like a bit of an outside bet. The Mandalorian initially felt as if they might be the cast-offs from the cancelled Boba Fett solo movie and there were some who feared that having three (including Jango Fett) very similar-looking characters in Star Wars wasn’t a great idea.

The show overcame that hurdle pretty quickly, defining the armor of as the standard Mandalorian aesthetic and getting deep into its functionality and symbolism. Now newly released concept art hints that they were conscious of the similarities to the Fetts and went for a different look for Din Djarin. The image, posted on Instagram by artist Brian Matyas, shows a very stripped-down character with his helmet the only recognizable element.

Matyas justifies the look as a “deconstruction” of the character and explains that this would be a starting point for Djarin to gradually build up his armor as the series progressed. Elements of this journey remain in the first season, though it became more refining of the materials as he obtained more beskar to replace existing pieces of the costume.

While I like the idea of Djarin beginning the story vulnerable and slowly earning his iconic look, it doesn’t fit particularly well with him being a veteran bounty hunter when we meet him. Right now we don’t know if the rest of the season will see him modifying his armor beyond what we’ve seen, especially given that the Mandalorians place so much religious significance in its construction and history – but I’m betting he’ll get a few more neat gadgets along the way.

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