The LOGITECH G915 TKL Is The Key To PC Happiness — GeekTyrant

Let’s talk about the color schematics a bit more. The customization and programmability are mind-boggling. Do you want red keys with your WSAD to be blue and your numbers yellow? Sure. Do you want every key to alternate between purple and orange? Fine with Logitech. Do you want your keyboard to become an equalizer for all audio from your computer in a spectacle of rainbow colors? Easy. Users could spend endless hours customizing and changing their keyboard through the Logitech G Hub app. It is fairly easy to use and adds an incredible amount of flair with minimal effort. Along with personal customization (including animation programming for the lights), users can use the Logitech G Hub to find other user-submitted programmed and customized color and light configurations.

After the flash and main function, let’s talk about the other bells and whistles that make this keyboard a new bar of excellence. The Lightspeed connection is incredible. It honestly feels as fast as a wired connection, even from across a room. There is no delay, no hassle of a wire, and no difficulty in pairing to the PC, it is really as easy as plug and play. The keyboard also has Bluetooth, which works wonderfully with everything I tried. Another outstanding aspect is the battery life. After more than a week of daily use (at least five hours a day), full colors, and brightness, my keyboard is still at 44% battery life (and that was out of the package, which started around 97%). After that, my testing shows it could fully charge in about two or three hours. In other words, this keyboard at full brightness and usage could last a few weeks, and then charge while taking a long nap.

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