Are you looking for the perfect kicks for wrecking cabbage vendor stalls? What about the right shoes for dodging firebenders? Well, has some shoes for fans of Avatar: The Last Airbender styled after the clothing of the air nomads. The yellow and orange really remind you of characters like Aang and Tenzin with the light blue arrow and shoelaces serving as a very nice accent.

Toph Beifong does a great job at handing out nicknames. Her pet name for Aang is especially fitting. When he isn’t wading through secret tunnels or accidentally waging war on defenseless heads of cabbage, Aang is usually whirling, dodging, and dancing his way out of danger. Fancy footwoor is sort of his thing. It’s only natural that a pair of shoes based on Aang would have Air Nomad style that will help you feel light on you feet.

The officially licensed unisex shoes are exclusive to and cost only $39.99.

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