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Wardlings is an RPG from designer Elisa Teague, artists Jacqui Davis and Sabrina Pugnale, and Renegade Game Studios. It uses the 5E rules and is designed to help introduce kids (ages 10+) to tabletop roleplaying games. The game is also based on the Wardlings miniatures from NECA/Wizkids. Now, the game is being released on Roll20 which will include a new adventure module, a charactermancer-compatible Compendium expansion, and a player token and handout pack.

The original Wardlings miniatures line was built to on-ramp kids into wargaming, basically. The game centers around kids with their companion animals having adventures, but only kids in this universe have access to powers. Renegade got the license for a setting and they’re building a book that uses the 5E rules, but tries to make the content more family-friendly. There are also tips and advice for cutting corners to help get kids into RPGS, etc.

You can enjoy Wardlings with your friends and family on Roll20 starting January 21.

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