The James Bond Video Game from IO Interactive Will Feature New Bond

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In two versions of GoldenEye 007, the iconic first-person shooter based on the globe-trotting world of a secret agent by the name of James Bond, we’ve seen his most recent famous actors play him — Pierce Brosnan in the original Nintendo 64 version, and Daniel Craig in the remastered Wii version. Now as Craig wraps up his big screen take on Bond (eventually), we’ve got a new video game take on the character forthcoming from IO Interactive, the maestros behind the similarly-toned Hitman franchise. But it won’t be Craig, Brosnan, or any previous Bond actor playing James.

Per an interview with the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (translation h/t to IGN), IO Interactive’s director Hakan Abrak said that “we have been allowed to make our own digital Bond, which will not lean on a Bond actor.” He went on to reveal that Project 007, as it’s currently titled, is based on a “completely original story, and you could easily imagine that a trilogy could come out of it.” A new take on an iconic character based just on the character rather than existing media, with creative control by an acclaimed video game studio, that might be told over a trilogy? Is it just me, or is IO Interactive planning on making their own Arkham Asylum franchise?

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Abrak also revealed it took some convincing of Barbara Broccoli and EON Productions, the license owners of James Bond, to approve this original take on the material. Eventually, their track record on Hitman and plans for Bond “went right into the heart” of Broccoli and EON, aided by Abrak’s “good Scandinavian charm.” All of this news excited the heck out of me; there’s so much subtext within the concept of Bond worth exploring, heightening, and inventing, and I’m glad IO’s going for originality over facial recognition. Plus, their Hitman franchise storytelling reveals a nice mixture between darkly funny humor and gut-punching moral ambiguity; in other words, Roger Moore meets Daniel Craig.

This leaves one question: Who’s gonna play Bond for IO? Will we finally get Idris Elba, even if he’s motion capped? I’ll say this: I don’t care who they get to virtually play Bond this go around, so long as he can pull off as wild of speed runs as this Hitman 3 clipThat guy’s 007 material.

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