The Flight Attendant Season 2 Details Revealed by Star Kaley Cuoco

Plus: She reveals one dramatic story from the book she chose to cut.

Kaley Cuoco in The Flight Attendant

[Editor’s note: The following contains spoilers through the Season 1 finale of The Flight Attendant, “Arrivals and Departures.”]

If you, like me, plowed through The Flight Attendant on HBO Max with the ferocity of a bottomless mimosa-featuring brunch, you were excited to hear a Season 2 was on its way. And now, its star and producer Kaley Cuoco, who plays our struggling flight attendant thrust into the center of a globe-trotting murder mystery, has revealed what we can expect from the upcoming season. And per Variety, she’s the most “focused on what I want for Cassie emotionally.”

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As you’ll recall, Season 1 ends with the revelation that Griffin Matthews, who plays Cuoco’s coworker and friend, was working for the CIA the entire time, and is potentially interested in using Cuoco as an asset for future missions. And while Cuoco reveals “ill definitely be a little of that asset thing, because that’s how we ended — and that will keep her in all the hijinks,” she also was adament to insist it wasn’t becoming a rote spy thriller. “She’s not coming in and now she’s CIA.” So what will Season 2 focus on instead?

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Per Cuoco, the primary emotional driver of the new season will be Cassie’s struggle with sobriety. Throughout Season 1, we watched the character grapple with her alcoholism, trying to reconcile with it as it continued to ruin her life. But by the season’s end, she resolved to quit drinking. And here’s how Cuoco teases that journey:

“She thinks this is going to be quick and easy, and I’m nailing this! And she’s going to learn really fast that this is a lifelong issue that will not be cured for her overnight. She always had the excuse of alcohol. So no matter what situation she gets in, it’s like, ‘I was drunk! I’m fun Cass!’ And she kind of gets away with it. So now what is her excuse for being shit? What is her excuse for fucking up?”

It’s a great one question, one I am definitely more interested in than plot-driven spy thriller shenanigans (though I am interested in those too). It’s also interested to see what Cuoco, in her role as producer, elected to totally cut from the Chris Bohjalian novel the series is adapted from. At the end of his novel, Cassie’s primary motivation to stop drinking is a revelation that she’s pregnant. But according to Cuoco, “We were never doing the pregnant thing; it didn’t make sense.” It’s an interesting lesson in how important (or unimportant) fidelity is when it comes to screen adaptations; I agree with Cuoco that it’s stronger for Cassie’s sobriety to come from her own decisions rather than a pregnancy ex machina plot device. And I can’t wait to see what her vision brings for Season 2.

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