The Collider Podcast, Ep. 289

Matt and Adam discuss the ramifications of a streaming future.

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The Collider Podcast is back! After a six-week hiatus where we were between podcast providers, we are now teamed up with Megaphone to bring you our show wherever you get your podcasts. Also, for the rest of the year, we’re doing two episodes a week, and on our second episode this week we’re discussing WarnerMedia’s controversial strategy to simultaneously release their movies in 2021 into theaters and on HBO Max at the same time. We talk about why WarnerMedia made this deal, how filmmakers are reacting, if this is a death knell for theaters, how other studios are approaching their 2021 slate, and more. We finish up with Recently Watched.

Check out the new episode below, and be sure to subscribe. If you want to talk to us about The Collider Podcast, reach out on Twitter at @MattGoldberg and @AdamChitwood.

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