The Boys Season 2 Bloopers Feature Homelander Struggling to Chug Milk


The Boys Season 2 features a bunch of superheros descending into an underworld of seriously messed up stuff. The Boys Season 2 bloopers, shared graciously by the Amazon show’s official Twitter, features a bunch of superhero actors seriously messing up stuff, descending into an underworld of laughter. It is truly a delightful watch for these troubling times, with one exception: Is it just me, or does Homelander feel more sociopathic in this gag reel?

Homelander, played with disquieting aplomb by Antony Starr, loves milk (“milk”). In these bloopers, we see Starr do his damndest to chug a half-gallon without cracking up, and it does not go great. Simple, funny, love it, right? But then, in another moment when he’s announcing the death of a major character, he can’t help but keep laughing. And that, frankly, is way scarier than any written sociopathies that Homelander could ever go on. Laughing callously while trying to tell the world a friend is dead? Get some help, Antony Starr!

Beyond this highlight, and many other highlights, I’m also tickled by Karl Urban‘s relationship with goofing off for the camera. The moment this guy knows a take won’t be usable, he’ll mug for the camera, deliver a one-liner (“Postmates?”), or otherwise make the set a wacky place for his castmates. My favorite of these many moments? One action scene ends with him holding a gun… with a leaf on it. And Urban’s response to this unexpected foliage is simple, surprising, and devastatingly funny.

Check out the full Boys Season 2 gag reel below. For more on the series, here’s an initial tease of Season 3.

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