The Best Horror Movies on Hulu Right Now (October 2020)

A howl in the night. A vengeful spirit. A final girl running to safety. Sometimes you just want to watch those classic horror stories and hit those favorite horror beats. Fortunately, if you’re in the market for some streaming screams, Hulu has a solid lineup of scary movies to get the job done.

From the classics to current hits to indie gems that flew under the radar, we’re highlighting the best of the horrifying bunch. Their library has some familiar franchise titles like Paranormal Activity 3, but it’s also full of hidden gems like the gut-wrenching Australian serial killer drama Hounds of Love and the delightful 90s horror throwback Tragedy Girls. And then there’s Mom and Dad for folks who really want to get weird with it.

Yep, Hulu’s got a lot of great picks, but their library navigation can make them hard to find sometimes, so we’ve made it easy with the best of the best listed below.

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