The Batman Trailer Has Been Recreated with LEGO and It’s Awesome


I’m not on Twitter much these days, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t check it out from time to time, just to see what everyone else is talking about. I was perusing my feed this weekend and took delight in watching the new trailer for The Batman, and if you’re worried you missed it, allow me to explain.

No, Warner Bros. has not released a new trailer for The Batman, but a group of fans has recreated the trailer using LEGO, and the result of their two months of work is truly impressive. I can’t imagine the hundreds if not thousands of hours of work that went into this LEGO homage, but the effort clearly paid off, and I hope director Matt Reeves or someone at Warners takes notice like screenwriter Mattson Tomlin did on Twitter.


Image via YouTube/Joebor1777

The video was uploaded to YouTube by user Joebor1777, who made it in collaboration with 12 other animators — Locker 74 Productions, Brickfilm HQ, Loneclone Productions, thebrickranger, jmbrickstudios, AJF Studios, Radvisuals, Paradox Pictures, Leviathan Studios, Future Past Productions, gotvideofilms and eggyolk2002. The mouth animation is credited to Dudebrick, while the facial animation comes courtesy of AKPstudios.

Like WB’s trailer, the music is Nirvana’s “Something In The Way (Devonshire Mix),” and against that dark, moody sonic backdrop, the herky-jerky movements of the LEGO characters take on a sinister tone. I happened to love the juxtaposition, and might actually watch a feature-length version of this, whereas I’ve never seen The LEGO Movie or any of the other LEGO movies. I’ve got a 1-year-old niece now, so I figure I’ll get to them in time.

But as it stands right now, I tip my cap to Joebor1777 and the dozen other animators who pulled this off, because this is awesome, even if it doesn’t feature “Everything Is Awesome!!!” Check out their cool accomplishment below, and then click here to see The Mandalorian trailer brought to life with even more LEGO!

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