The Batman Trailer Has Been Recreated In LEGO, And It’s Perfect

Per the description provided by the uploader, work on this LEGO recreation began the day that The Batman trailer launched online (which you may remember was on August 23), and it took a little over two months to make. This is understandable when you consider the level of detail that goes into stop-motion filmmaking, and it’s worth noting that YouTube user Joebor1777 credits 14 collaborators and the project. Each one of them – Locker 74 Productions, Brickfilm HQ, Loneclone Productions, thebrickranger, jmbrickstudios, AJF Studios, Radvisuals, Paradox Pictures, Leviathan Studios, Future Past Productions, gotvideofilms, eggyolk2002, Dudebrick, and AKPstudios – deserves congratulations and credit for their accomplishment.

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