That Time FEAR FACTORY Was So Loud BON JOVI Had To Leave His Studio

While Fear Factory was recording Demanufacture in 1994, Bon Jovi was recording his album These Days right next door.

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In an interview with The Pit, guitarist Dino Cazares said Fear Factory was being so loud that they ended up ruining the drum recordings for These Days. Bon Jovi eventually vacated the studio, though some say if you really crank that album all the way up, you can actually hear Demanufacture.

I just made that up, but it feels like it could be true.

“While we were recording the album – blasting it up, of course – next door, Bon Jovi had moved in. And this is actually in the Bon Jovi bio.

“Bon Jovi moved in next door, we were cranking really loud, the engineer came over and said, ‘Hey, you need to turn that down because it’s bleeding into Bon Jovi’s drum mics!’

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“He was trying to do drums and the volume of our record was going into his drum mics and it was actually being recorded on the Bon Jovi tracks [for 1995’s ‘These Days’ album]. So they actually left the studio because of us. It’s on their Wikipedia page, you can read that story, it’s there, it’s hilarious.”

Fear Factory will release their final album with vocalist Burton C. Bell sometime this year.

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