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‘Supacell’ Season 2: Will Netflix Renew or Cancel?

Supacell Season 2 Will Netflix Renew Or Cancel

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Supacell has been a surprise summer hit for Netflix and sets up a second season. What do we know so far about where we could be headed, and how well is the show performing to ensure it will get that season 2? Let’s take a look.

The show continues an impressive 2024 run for Netflix UK, which has been cranking out consistent hits for Netflix as its US output suffers from production delays caused by the dual Hollywood strikes that took place throughout last year. Whether it’s the monster hits that were Baby Reindeer, Fool Me Once, or The Gentlemen, it’s been an impressive first half of the year. 

Supacell has performed well with UK critics thus far. The show currently has a 100% rating on RottenTomatoes and may even be heading for a Certified Fresh rating should the trend continue. 

It’s received praise from well-known voices in the United Kingdom and has also been praised for dealing with Black issues and others. One issue Rapman was keen to explore was Sickle Cell disease, which has led to his inbox being flooded with messages. 

What to Expect from Season 2 of Supacell If It’s Renewed

The series’ creator seems to want to continue with a second season, telling Blex Media that the ending was designed to be a “soap opera ending” with the goal of continuing the story. Rapman also told the outlet that he’s got three seasons of the show planned in his head, referring to the first season as an origin story ala Batman Begins

Speaking about the direction of season 2, Rapman told the outlet that you’ll see where the characters go now that they’ve had powers for a while. Rapman also said he hopes to be working on a new movie shortly.

Of course, by the end of episode 6, most plotlines had been wrapped up neatly, but this left the door open for more later. 

Among the plotlines we could see play out in season 2 include Michael’s mission to the future and how it allows him to gather information to stop The Organization, what happens to Krazy given the shock twist that he’s still alive, whether Sabrina’s sister will eventually be rescued and where the heck as Dionne gone.

Will Netflix Renew or Cancel Supacell?

Our Renewal Prediction
Expecting Renewal

It’s a little too early to know whether Supacell will be coming back for a second season just yet, because we’ve only got one week’s worth of data, but the show has already begun ticking a lot of boxes. 

Renewals mostly come down to performance at Netflix, and thanks to Netflix’s top 10s and several other sources, we can track how well the show is performing. 

Rapman acknowledged it’d come down to the numbers in the aforementioned interview, telling Blex Media that the decision is out of his control but was optimistic (the interview was released after the first batch of numbers) and that it was gaining traction worldwide. “The more people that watch it, the more likely we will get a second season, right? So you gotta keep on running up the numbers. Keep on spreading the words. Tell someone who hasn’t watched it to watch.”

How well is the show performing so far? In week 1, the show debuted in the number 2 spot on the Netflix TV top 10s, just below Bridgerton season 3, picking up 33.50 million hours watched, equating to 6.4 million views. 

Top10 Tv English 2 Jun 24 Jun 30 2024Top10 Tv English 2 Jun 24 Jun 30 2024

Performance of Supacell in Week 1

As we concluded in our top 10 report covering its first week, that’s a pretty good launch for a new Netflix show. It puts it in the upper middle of Netflix launches in 2024, around the likes of Eric and A Man in Full but far below the likes of 3 Body Problem, The Gentlemen, or Griselda.  

Supacell Vs Other Netflix SeriesSupacell Vs Other Netflix Series

FlixPatrol daily top 10s suggest the show is continuing its momentum into week 2, ranking in over 80 countries worldwide, so there’s a lot still to dissect in the coming weeks.

Would you like to see Supacell return for a season 2 on Netflix? Let us know in the comments down below. 

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