Stunning BOUNDARY Trailer Shows Off Visuals for Upcoming Space FPS — GeekTyrant

With movies like Gravity, Interstellar, 2001: A Space Odyssey, and the recent The Midnight Sky, the beauty of space has been seen time and time again. However, sometime this year we’re going to see that same beauty but with violent gameplay in the team based shooter Boundary. So slap on you spacesuit, grab your guns, and begin your barrel rolls while shooting up a storm.

This trailer is the official announcement of the game, but unfortunately is it mostly stuff grabbed from other trailers shown in years earlier. A 2021 date is confirmed, but with no other real release window. Players will be able to customize their loadouts and EMU suits and choose from a couple of different classes like sniper, medic, specialist, and others.

We don’t have a ton of details yet, but we are looking forward to any and all updates from this gorgeous and intense game. Below is the most recent trailer and another video with a bunch of crisp gameplay from a few months ago.

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