Stream Deafheaven’s New Studio-Recorded Live Album 10 Years Gone

Deafheaven have released their new studio-recorded live album 10 Years Gone, commemorating the illustrious first decade of their career.

Initially, Deafheaven were to go on a world tour called “10 Years Gone”, but the pandemic shut that down. Making the most of the situation, the band decided to properly record its planned setlist live in the studio, offering a vivid document of what fans would have witnessed had the tour happened.

The only thing missing is the crowd noise as Deafheaven deconstruct arguably the strongest set of songs in their catalog. “Daedalus” and “Glint” were released as singles, teasing the immensity of this psuedo-live document. Tackling each song full bore, it’s Deafheaven at their most intense and direct.

“Revisiting the songs in this studio sessions format with Jack Shirley at Atomic Garden reminded us of how important these years have been,” vocalist George Clarke said in the original press announcement. “I’m thankful we were able to give songs like ‘Daedalus’, the first we wrote, and other favorites like ‘Vertigo’ and ‘Kettle’ new power after so many years of playing them.”

Combining atmospheric black metal with a wide range of styles and influences — from post-punk to shoegaze — Deafheaven became one of the most visible young U.S. metal bands in recent memory. Often tagged under the umbrella term of post-metal, the band defies easy genre pegs.

On the strength of now-classic albums like 2013’s Sunbather, the group achieved crossover appeal, with both metal and indie music circles praising their work. Since then, Deafheaven’s output has been steady and their touring prolific. 10 Years Gone fits right in with an already stout discography while shedding further light on an impressive career thus far.

Stream the full album below via Apple Music or Bandcamp. Snag the vinyl edition via Hello Merch or Amazon.

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