Stream AI Robot Rapper FN Meka’s New Single “Speed Demon”

From Bot Dylan to digital film curators, there’s a whole wide world of AI robots out there slowly encroaching on human skills, and FN Meka is the latest to join the bunch. The bot, who’s credited as being the world’s first AI-powered robot rapper, just released a new single called “Speed Demon” that’s already making waves on TikTok.

According to a press release, FN Meka is powered by Vydia, a distributor that provides a platform for his label, “which lives in a dimension somewhere between the human world and the virtual world, empowering not only these unique creators, but the teams behind them.” Together, they’ve released a handful of singles like “Moonwalkin” and “Internet” in addition to this new track.

What’s a robot rapper sound like exactly? Well, “Speed Demon” isn’t all that inventive or impressive, but it definitely goes down easy as a twinkly dose of rap with a catchy refrain. Over a generic trap beat and a chipper melody akin to a glockenspiel, FN Meka can be heard rapping about expensive gifts, screaming, and what it’s like being a bot in overdrive. His delivery is somewhat hard to decipher, so really the most audible lines are just him repeating the phrase “speed demon” in various Auto-Tune pitches.

Apparently “Speed Demon” will be the music bed for a one-of-a-kind NFT collaboration with the virtual streetwear company RTFKT. That project has yet to be revealed, but will be sold to the highest bidder on March 15th.

If all of this seems surreal, that’s because FN Meka is essentially an imaginary hypebeast who loves brands. Most of the visuals associated with him so far look like promos for Playstation and fast-food chains. Elsewhere, he hyped his Spotify account in what looks like an iPhone spot, tagged himself as a #weeb while being fed grapes to the tune of Tyler, the Creator, and uploaded an absurdist clip to TikTok involving dodgecoin, duct-taped bananas, an automatic knife, and a fake Rolls Royce. Oh yeah, and he killed a turkey with AirPods for some reason, too.

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