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Xfinity released a new Christmas short film/ad that features Steve Carell in the role of Santa Claus. As Christmas approaches, Santa realizes that the usual gifts aren’t going to cut it this year because of how insane of a year it has been.

With just days to spare, Santa tells the elves, “After the year we just had, the usual gifts are just not going to cut it,” and challenges the elves to find something else to do for gifts, and fast. So, they come together to rethink their whole operation and attempt to pull off the biggest holiday miracle in North Pole history.

The elves end up coming up with a plan to give the gift of the holiday spirit. They come up with a way to package life’s precious moments including family snowball fights, auntie’s cheek squeezes, grandpa’s same old stories, and more. Carrell said in a statement:

“The holidays are really about moments of togetherness with the people you love, and serve as a reminder for what’s most important, especially given the hardships of this past year. I hope that this sweet little story will bring a bit of cheer.”

It’s a wonderful little ad that I think many of you will enjoy, and you can check it out below:

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