Showtime’s Dexter Revival Casts the Villain Opposite Michael C. Hall

The ‘Dexter’ revival just got very interesting.


Progress has been made on Showtime’s Dexter revival as a major bit of casting news emerges this week. We first learned that a Dexter revival was in the works back in October 2020. At the time, it was announced Showtime would bring back the series for a 10-episode run with star Michael C. Hall set to return, reprising his role as Dexter Morgan, blood spatter analyst by day, serial killer by night. The original series ran for eight seasons from 2006 to 2013, racking up over 100 episodes during its cable run. The revival will be directed by Marcos Siega, who will also serve as an executive producer alongside Hall. Also returning for the revival is showrunner Clyde Phillips.

Now, according to The WrapClancy Brown has been cast in the Dexter revival. Brown is the only actor aside from Hall who has been announced for the new limited series. Per The Wrap, Brown will play the villain of the show, Kurt Caldwell. Kurt is the unofficial mayor of Iron Lake, presumably the new town where Dexter has ended up in the years after he faked his death at the end of Season 8 and before embarking on a new career path as a lumberjack.

Showtime’s character description for Kurt says he “realized the American dream by going from driving big rigs, just like his father did, to now owning several trucks and the local truck stop. Powerful, generous, loved by everyone — he’s a true man of the people. If he’s got your back, consider yourself blessed. But should you cross Kurt, or hurt anyone that he cares for, God help you.”

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The Dexter revival won’t be a do-over of the Season 8 finale (which is generally regarded as an unsatisfying one by fans of the show), but it will bring us up to speed on Dexter’s life and offer a second chance at wrapping up this story properly. I could think of no better actor to play a villain than Brown, whose stature and deep voice lend themselves to Brown’s ability to play imposing characters. Brown joins a long line of memorable actors who plays villains opposite Dexter, too, including Jimmy SmitsColin Hanks, and Edward James Olmos. Fans will no doubt be excited to see what the Dexter team is cooking up for Brown’s character to ensure the revival is as gripping as possible.

We’ll keep you updated on Showtime’s Dexter revival as more details emerge. For more, find out which 2020 TV shows Collider’s Liz Shannon Miller dubbed the best of the year.

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