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See Public Figures Around the World Pay Tribute to Prince Philip

Prince Philip‘s legacy will be remembered around the globe.

The Duke of Edinburgh, Queen Elizabeth II‘s beloved husband, passed away “peacefully” at Windsor Castle on April 9, Buckingham Palace shared. He was 99.

Philip’s death comes two months after he was admitted to King Edward VII Hospital in London. While there, the royal was treated for an infection and was later transferred to St. Bartholomew’s Hospital, where he underwent a heart procedure in early March, finally returning home on March 16.

Following news of the Philip’s passing, members of the royal family honored the duke by changing their profile photos on social media. Removing their smiling pictures, Prince William and Kate Middleton‘s Kensington Royal Instagram and Twitter pages, as well as Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla‘s Clarence House accounts, swapped in their official crests as a sign of respect. The Queen’s Royal Family Instagram and Twitter has also changed to the British monarch’s royal coat of arms.

Additionally, all three Twitter accounts now feature a photo of Philip.

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