Search Party Season 4 Trailer Teases a New Mystery and Susan Sarandon

Prepare for 100% more drama, wigs, and shady Susan Sarandon.


HBO Max has released the official trailer for Search Party Season 4. The hilarious core quartet that has anchored Search Party so far — Alia ShawkatMeredith HagnerJohn Reynolds, and John Early — is back for another new adventure. Joining this perfect foursome is an exciting group of guest stars, including Susan SarandonGriffin Dunne, and Ann Dowd. So, what’s in store for Dory Sief (Shawkat) and her friends?

At the end of Season 3, we watched as Dory was declared not guilty for the murder of Keith  the private investigator (Ron Livingston). After returning home and breathing a sigh of relief, she is knocked out cold before the credits roll. Season 4 will pick up in the aftermath of this shocking cliffhanger. As seen in the trailer, it’s revealed that Dory’s Season 3 stalker (Cole Escola) has successfully kidnapped her and taken her to an underground lair where he’s recreated her apartment and made dolls of her and her friends: Drew (Reynolds), Elliott (Early), and Portia (Hagner). The creep-factor is turned all the way up as Drew, Elliott, and Portia try to find Dory in a variety of seedy places despite being ill-equipped to locate her (and, in spite of the fact they’ve just spent three seasons wrapped up in a similar mystery).

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The new season of Search Party looks like it will be heightening both the horror and the comedy of everyone’s circumstances this season. In between moments of true terror as the nature of Dory’s new life in captivity are teased, we also get hilarious moments with Drew, Elliott, and Portia heaving sighs about the prospect of going on another hunt for a missing friend, discussing a royal family member’s nip-slip, and donning ridiculous disguises for reasons we couldn’t possibly guess. The trailer also features a wonderful amount of Sarandon, who is also on the hunt for Dory and looks deeply fabulous doing it.

The first three episodes of Search Party Season 4 premiere on HBO Max on Thursday, January 14. Following the season premiere, Search Party continues with three more episodes on January 21, and the final four episodes release on January 28. Check out the official trailer for Search Party Season 4 below. For more, find out what’s coming to HBO and HBO Max in January.

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