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Samsung’s Freestyle Smart Portable Projector Now Available in India 

Projectors let you enjoy your favourite content in a cinema-like setting. But most of them are bulky and have to be installed in a setup. The Freestyle brings a screen to your ceiling, on your desk, or even on a building’s wall next door. You can get creative and have fun just about anywhere with The Freestyle. The smart portable projector will change the way you enjoy entertainment on-the-go.

To introduce The Freestyle in India, Samsung has released an introductory video that showcases the smart projector’s capabilities in a fun way. The video shows off how easy it is to use The Freestyle. It’s also extremely portable, letting you take it anywhere, and make just about anything an ideal screen. You can even carry The Freestyle on your next vacation, and enjoy your favourite content outdoors. Order it right now to get instant cashback* worth Rs. 5,000 and a cool carry case worth Rs. 5,900* free (T&C apply). Available on Amazon and

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With The Freestyle, you could reimagine portability, content consumption, TV-like immersive experience, and versatility to a whole new level. And Samsung has left no stone unturned to impress the users with its new projector.

Now, let’s drive you to the amazing features and reasons that will entice you enough to get one for yourself ASAP from Amazon or Samsung India.

Sports an all-round design for maximum portability

If you are a person who loves to watch movies at home then with The Freestyle all of your experiences will be a great one. Its portable, compact, and an all-round design with a cradle stand allows you to project your favourite content at any angle, on any surface. Be it flat or an irregular surface, you don’t have to worry about anything, just plug in and play.

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Sets up instantly because time is precious

Setting up the device is like a cakewalk. The Freestyle automatically adjusts and optimises the screen every time by itself and requires no human interference. Just switch it on and leave everything else to the little portable projector. And you will experience the magic happening right in front of your eyes.

Offers big screen experience anytime, anywhere

We all love watching content on a big screen, and Samsung has designed The Freestyle to project a screen from 76cm (30-inches) to a dazzling 2m 54 cm (100-inches). With such a large screen, The Freestyle can make your home theatre experience on the go, and you can watch your favourite movies right from the comfort of your home. Not to forget, you can also play video games or watch any sports matches and feel as if you are inside the stadium because the big screen will surely elevate your viewing experience.

Most of the devices are smart these days, and so is The Freestyle

This is one of the best features of The Freestyle as you can enjoy the same smart TV experience as that of a Samsung Smart TV. The Smart TV feature is powered by Samsung’s Tizen OS, which brings your favourite apps to one place, so you can have all the entertainment you want just under one roof. Isn’t that one of the best features?

Exclusive Ambient Mode to give you a party feel at home

Planning to have a birthday party or just a simple get together at your home, but want to have a surreal experience? No problem, The Freestyle has got your back for this too. You can simply spice up your home and boost the party vibes to another level by using the ambient lighting effect with the lens cap. You can also pick one of the embedded backgrounds in the projector or any of your photos. And ta-da, your house is party-ready!

360° Audio for an immersive sound experience

The Freestyle projector also comes with a built-in woofer speaker that will offer a powerful and premium 360-degree sound. As soon as you plug in the projector, you can convert your living room into a theatre and enjoy immersive and cinematic audio experience. This feature comes in handy when you organise a birthday party or a get together at your house. Just imagine combining it with the exclusive Ambient Mode. Enough said!

Optimised picture quality in any surrounding environment

With most projectors, one needs to move them around to get a perfect screen, but that’s not the case with The Freestyle. Samsung has diligently put the scale and move feature so that users can find the sweet spot for the screen and manually adjust its size and position to their liking. No matter what the size of the wall is, with The Freestyle you’re ready to watch your favourite content in seconds.

Intelligent Calibration for stunning picture quality

By now, if you are in a mood to get The Freestyle for yourself and thinking how to set it up since you don’t have a white wall at your place? For that, Samsung SmartThings app can intelligently help in calibration by easily adjusting the brightness and colour settings according to the wall colours, and lighting conditions. The app allows The Freestyle to create a stunning picture quality to enhance your viewing experience.

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Samsung’s The Freestyle is an easy-to-use smart projector that you can use with your smartphone or on its own. The projector lets you enjoy a big-screen cinema-like experience just about anywhere you go. The Freestyle is now available in India at a price of Rs. 84,990 with amazing launch offers worth up to Rs.10,900* (T&C apply) including a carry case. You can buy it on Amazon or Samsung’s online store. Hurry, the offer is valid till 31st March midnight only.

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