Rust Console Edition Release Date for PS4, Xbox One Revealed

Plus, find out how you can pre-order this brutal survival game.


Double Eleven has finally announced the release date for Rust Console Edition. Since the Console Edition was announced in March, longtime fans of the game have been waiting on the edge of their seats for this release date news. Thanks to publisher and developer Double Eleven, we now know that Rust Console Edition is primed to head to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on May 21. Even better, players can already begin pre-ordering the game.

Rust Console Edition will be released in three different tiers. Double Eleven has partnered with leading global publisher Koch Media on the project for a special Day One Edition, which will be available at selected retailers for both Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Per Double Eleven:

  • Rust Standard Edition and Rust Day One Physical Edition ($49.99 USD) “includes the base game, with a preorder bonus that includes a Future Weapons and Tools Pack. Survivalists looking to nab a physical edition of Rust can also grab this bonus with a Day One Edition preorder from GameStop and Amazon in North America.
  • Rust Deluxe Edition ($59.99 USD) “welcomes survivalists with an aptly named Welcome Pack ($14.99 value) that includes the base game, three days of early access, closed beta access, staging branch access and includes the Future Weapons and Tools Pack.
  • Rust Ultimate Edition ($79.99 USD) provides the most ardent fans with the features of the previous two editions but also includes an ultimate/upgraded version of the Welcome Pack, 1100 Rust Coins (a $10 value), and an Elite Combat Skin Pack so you can look as menacing as possible to newcomers and veterans alike.

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Rust follows players waking up on a mysterious post-apocalyptic island of 100 other players littered with decayed industrial monuments and probing scientists. Players wake up with nothing but a rock and a torch in their hands, only to find out the hard way that the only way to live through the nightmare is by surviving at all costs. In Rust, players must craft clothing, find food, build shelter, defeat nature’s elements, and ultimately survive on an unfamiliar island with no rules in sight. The brutal survival game was created by Facepunch Studios and initially released for Microsoft and macOS in December 2013, while receiving a full release in February 2018. Since then, it has gone on to earn excellent critic and user ratings across the board.

Mark South, Chief Operating Officer at Double Eleven, explains that Rust Console Edition will aim to run more fluidly and even on consoles, saying in a statement:

“‘Rust‘ is and forever will be the baby and brainchild of Facepunch Studios, and we’re extremely grateful to be able to take what they’ve done and create our own console edition of their incredible game. Our Console Editions of Rust are certainly ‘Rust‘ as people know it, but under the hood – where we’ve spent the last few years – we’ve created an exceptional ‘Rust‘ experience designed for consoles and their players. We’re looking forward to hearing player feedback when fans can jump in later this spring.”

Rust is undoubtedly not a game for the weak-hearted; however, one sure thing is fans love it. Rust Console Edition will be released to PlayStation and Xbox One on May 21. Until then, fans of the game can enjoy the new trailer down below and make sure to pre-order.

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